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Solstices & Equinoxes for Hong Kong (Surrounding 10 Years)

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  • Current Season

    Spring 2024

    Spring 2024

    Start (March equinox)
    20 Mar11:06
    Duration 92 days, 17 hrs, 44 mins
  • Next Season

    Summer 2024

    Summer 2024

    Start (June solstice)
    21 Jun04:50
    Duration93 days, 15 hrs, 52 mins
  • Autumn 2024

    Autumn 2024

    Start (September equinox)
    22 Sep20:43
    Duration 89 days, 20 hrs, 37 mins
  • Winter 2024-2025

    Winter 2024-2025

    Start (December solstice)
    21 Dec17:20
    Duration 88 days, 23 hrs, 40 mins

Countries define seasons differently. This calculator refers to astronomical seasons, not meteorological seasons. All times are local time for Hong Kong.

Solstices & Equinoxes for Hong Kong

YearMarch equinoxJune solsticeSeptember equinoxDecember solstice
201921 Mar05:58 HKT21 Jun23:54 HKT23 Sep15:50 HKT22 Dec12:19 HKT
202020 Mar11:49 HKT21 Jun05:43 HKT22 Sep21:30 HKT21 Dec18:02 HKT
202120 Mar17:37 HKT21 Jun11:32 HKT23 Sep03:21 HKT21 Dec23:59 HKT
202220 Mar23:33 HKT21 Jun17:13 HKT23 Sep09:03 HKT22 Dec05:48 HKT
202321 Mar05:24 HKT21 Jun22:57 HKT23 Sep14:50 HKT22 Dec11:27 HKT
202420 Mar11:06 HKT21 Jun04:50 HKT22 Sep20:43 HKT21 Dec17:20 HKT
202520 Mar17:01 HKT21 Jun10:42 HKT23 Sep02:19 HKT21 Dec23:03 HKT
202620 Mar22:46 HKT21 Jun16:24 HKT23 Sep08:05 HKT22 Dec04:50 HKT
202721 Mar04:24 HKT21 Jun22:10 HKT23 Sep14:01 HKT22 Dec10:42 HKT
202820 Mar10:17 HKT21 Jun04:01 HKT22 Sep19:45 HKT21 Dec16:19 HKT
202920 Mar16:02 HKT21 Jun09:48 HKT23 Sep01:38 HKT21 Dec22:14 HKT
* All times are local time for Hong Kong. Dates are based on the Gregorian calendar. Times adjusted for DST if applicable. Current year is highlighted.

The Seasons Calculator shows the times and dates of Vernal (Spring) & Autumnal (Fall) equinoxes and Summer and Winter solstices all over the world.

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